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Zoo Aquarium

zoo aquarium madrid hotel

Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, located in Casa de Campo, has more than 4,000 animals of 500 different species throughout its 22 hectares spread over five continents.

In addition, you can visit the Dolphinarium in the same park with your ticket, the aviary and the first tropical marine aquarium which recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. You will go over the fauna of the planet and you will get excited with our exhibits of dolphins, sea lions, prey birds and exotic birds with your family or friends.

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You can enjoy the Giant Pandas, discover the difference between the American Bison and the European Bison, meet a very curious animal (Wallaby of Bennet), learn about the different birds of prey and enjoy with the funny penguins. And you cannot miss, in the Zoo Aquarium, to different kind of sharks (Toro, Gray) and the giant grouper.

All species are located to allow you to know which species corresponds to each continent. Thus, for the children, it is very funny to know about the Animal Kingdom.

But not everything ends here, with your ticket of Zoo Aquarium; you may also have exhibits of prey birds, exotic birds, sea lions and dolphins. So you can enjoy the daily work of our coaches with each species.

And, most important, you're also helping to conserve nature. Zoo Aquarium conservation programs includes the Iberian species, Panda Bear, Koala, conservation of mammals from the coast of Mauritania (Monk Seal).

In Zoo Aquarium we care about animal welfare

How to get Zoo Aquarium

You can access the park to the entrance of our facilities, we have our own parking.
If you come from downtown, the fastest way to reach us it is to take the M-30 and then take Extremadura Highway (A-5 / N-V) to the exit 5A, following all indications to Zoo. Of course, you may respect the speed limits.
If you are in the periphery you should take exit 5A in Extremadura Highway A-5 / N-V.
GPS coordinates: 40.409438, -3.760356

If you prefer not to go by car, the metro station Casa de Campo are located 900 meters of distance from our entrance, you can reach Zoo Aquarium taking a lovely walk through Casa de Campo.
To reach the metro station you have two options: Line 10, which connects the Community of Madrid from north to south quickly and directly, or Line 5 if you come from the southern part of the city.

One of the great advantages of our location is to have good connections with Madrid public transportation. EMT buses Line 33 (daily) leave you at the entrance and you can connect quickly with the Príncipe Pío train station and metro, if you do not feel like walking 900 meters.

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Zoo Aquarium Madrid hotel for animal lovers
Come and meet more than 4,000 animals from 500 different species. All types of animals that will blow your mind. Giant panda, orangutan, ostriches. Bears from all over the world, lions, lynxes, eagles, pelicans. Explore all continents in search of your favourite animals.
African wildlife will fascinate you. Zebras, giraffes and gorillas are some of its inhabitants.
In America you can see bison, elk and indigenous animals from the Andean mountains and Central America.
Travel to Madagascar and Australia to see koalas and other marsupials among other exotic animals.
European wolves, bears and lynxes. And without leaving Madrid, you will see Bengal tigers, giant pandas and other bears from Asia.
Visit the 2,000 square meter Aquarium and immerse yourself in the depths of the world's oceans. Up to 330 species. A shark tank and spectacular tunnels full of aquatic life. Turtles, seahorses and large fish.

The Zoo Aquarium Madrid hotel offers guarantee you a fascinating experience with your family. You can learn while you have fun and participate in talks where you find out about all the curiosities of your favourite species. And do not forget the exhibits, where dolphins are undoubtedly the most charming stars of your visit to the Zoo.

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