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Offer Zoo Faunia

1 day at Zoo Aquarium + 1 day at Faunia + Hotel from 42,52 €* per person.

For those animal lovers out there, get to meet the most exotic species on the planet from 42,52€* per person with our exclusive Zoo Faunia offer.

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¡"Faunia Zoo Aquarium de Madrid" both parks together in the same offer! Remember that the offer includes:

  • Hotel stay
  • 1 day at Faunia
  • 1 day at the Zoo

Remember that, being in Madrid, you will be able to enjoy one of the greatest tourist cities in the world, with museums and botanical and nature exhibitions, so you can book as many likes in our hotel as you like. Customise your stay and make it a special family experience with the Parque Warner and Aquopolis Travel Agents guarantee.

(*) Prices calculated based on one five-person room (2 Adults + 3 Children).

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Offer Zoo Faunia
At Travelparks, the official travel agency for Parques Reunidos, we have the best Offer Zoo Faunia and Zoo-Aquarium offers with hotel for you. With the best price guaranteed.
Choose from our wide variety of hotels on offer and start to enjoy your family holidays. Just tell us the dates and number of people. With our search engine you won't waste your time and we will show you all the available offers with no bias at the best price guarantee.

The Offer Zoo Faunia include
- Hotel stay
- One day entry to Faunia
- One day entry to Zoo-Aquarium

Offer Zoo Faunia for animal lovers
In Faunia you will experience ecosystems like never before and be amazed with the animals that live in them. You will also visit the Zoo, where you will be able to see the animals that inhabit the five continents, including the amazing Aquarium.
In both parks you will be able to learn from our educational talks while you have fun. You will also be able to interact with the animals. Don't let the Faunia offers pass you and your family by. Learn and have fun while your children become more environmentally aware.

Offer Zoo Faunia, a park full of biodiversity
At Faunia you can see 300 different species in their perfectly recreated habitat. Lemurs, marmoset, red kangaroos, dwarf leopards, penguins... the list is very long.
Take part in the educational talks about penguins, marine mammals, capuchin monkeys, lemurs, birds of prey, squirrel monkeys in the jungle.. find out about all their interesting facts and biology. Experience a real storm in the Amazons or get to know the largest lizard in the world: the Komodo Dragon. Come to the Meerkat Territory and find out how these sociable creatures live.
With the Offer Zoo Faunia you will be able to get up close and personal with birds of prey like never before. The eagle owl, Harris's hawk and macaws. Thanks to the exhibitions you will see them like never before.
And don't forget that in Faunia you have the chance to interact with some animals and have a unique experience. Interact with marine animals with the help of their carers, or with manatees (something almost unique in the World) to get up close and feed them.

Offer Zoo Faunia to visit the Zoo-Aquarium
With the Offer Zoo Faunia plus the Zoo-Aquarium, you will visit the legendary Madrid Zoo and its Aquarium. Travel around all the continents whilst you get up close to the animals that inhabit them. Without leaving Madrid you will be able to go to China and see the giant pandas. Or to Eastern Australia and see the Koalas among the eucalyptus.
Giraffes, leopards, chimpanzees, lynxes, wolfs, raccoons, gorillas... Talks to learn about and awaken your little ones' curiosity. Don't forget about the Aquarium with dolphins, birds of prey and exotic birds exhibitions.

The Offer Zoo Faunia are perfect for animal lovers. Come and see us!