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In Faunia you can see more than 3,000 animals and 300 species in 6 ecosystems and 16 theme areas adapted to their habitat.

You can enjoy ecosystems such as “The Poles”, the “Temperate Forest” and “The Jungle”. After seeing the ecosystems you will be able to think about which themed area we have created for you and your friends and family, for example “Dinosaur Canyon” or “Dragon Daycare” where you will find dinosaur reproductions or the mysterious Komodo Dragon, respectively.

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(*) The second day included entry does not allow reentry to Parque Warner Madrid.

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Travel around our 14 hectars and discover more than 15,000 types of vegetation from 1,000 different species. You will be able to journey to Antartica and meet more than 100 penguins of 7 different species or plunge into the Amazonian Jungle and experience an authentic tropical storm in persons, dare to get wet?

You will also be able to enjoy incredible animals such as the Reticulated Python or the Russian Tortoise (could it be because it’s cold?) Or enjoy oddities such as the Brazilian Red Tarantula that covers the ground with its web.

You will be able to enjoy all of Faunia’s amenities such as Baby Car – for the littles ones they don’t tire out-, cash machines, change rooms, baby changing rooms, wheel chairs and a medical centre.

How to arrive to Faunia

Faunia BY CAR
If you want to come by car, we have a car park and with the following instructions you will arrive effortlessly:
If you come by the A3, going towards Valencia, take exit 6 (Valdebernado).
If you come by the M40, going North, take exit 15 or, if you come in the opposite direction, M40 going south, exit 14.
If you come by the M23 (Extension of O’Donnell), take the Vicalvaro Exit.
GPS Coordinates: 40.392977, -3.612454 just in case you want to put it in your SatNav (watch out for speed cameras! Respect the rules of the road)

Simply go to Metro station: Valdebernardo (L9)
Or, you can go to the Cernanias Station: Vicálvaro (LC2)

Faunia BY BUS
You can take EMT Line 71 to Faunia’s gates, the great transport links is one of the advantages of its location.

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Come with your family and enjoy the 300 species living in 6 ecosystems and 16 theme areas adapted to their habitat. Meet over 3,000 animals at Faunia with your children. They will learn while having fun and will develop curiosity and respect for the environment.
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Find out about ecosystems such as “The Poles”, the “Temperate Forest”, "The African Forest" and “The Jungle”.
Learn with our educational talks and exhibits: marine mammals, birds of prey and exotic birds. Also choose between the penguin, reptile, capuchin monkey, lemur, komodo dragon and meerkat and wallaby talks. Enjoy our 3D Robinson Crusoe cinema experience and don't forget to visit the Saimiri zone.
Interactive experiences with some animals. Unique and unrepeatable experiences with manatees, marine mammals and pelicans. Can you imagine enjoying a bath with manatees while you feed them? Or do you prefer big reptiles like crocodiles? Crocodile feeding will blow your mind. Discover all the activities that you can do in Faunia. Interact with the rainbow lorikeets and turacos, dare with the Primate Expedition or travel to the Pole without leaving Madrid.
And take part in our conservation campaigns. Find out more before coming and collaborate in very simple ways. Educate and teach your children respect for environmental conservation and nature. They will learn whilst they have fun and find out about species first hand in our recreated habitats.
Don't forget that if you are coming from outside Madrid we will help you with accommodation. We will find you the best Faunia hotel. We will see you soon!